About Adyen

At Adyen, the ethos is deeply rooted in ambition. The company embarked on its journey with a clear vision: to redefine the landscape of payments. Faced with an industry characterized by outdated infrastructure and fragmented services, Adyen recognized the imperative for change. Thus, it undertook the ambitious task of building a financial technology platform for the modern era entirely in-house, from scratch.

Today, Adyen stands as a global leader, providing businesses of all sizes with comprehensive payment solutions, data enhancements, and financial products. Its end-to-end capabilities streamline operations and drive growth for leading enterprises worldwide. Adyen is committed to engineering success for its clients, empowering them with innovative solutions tailored to the demands of the digital age.

Our Principle

  • Building for All Customers: Prioritizing the collective benefit over individual interests, Adyen focuses on developing solutions that cater to the needs of all customers.
  • Making Thoughtful Decisions: Adyen commits to making well-informed decisions that consider the long-term advantages for its customers, the company, and the broader global community.
  • Agile Launches and Iterations: Embracing a culture of rapid iteration, Adyen emphasizes swift launches and continuous improvement to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.
  • Team Collaboration Over Ego: Valuing teamwork above personal ego, Adyen fosters a collaborative environment that transcends cultural and time zone barriers to achieve collective success.
  • Direct Communication: Rejecting the anonymity of emails, Adyen encourages direct communication through phone calls, facilitating clearer and more efficient exchanges.
  • Honesty Without Rudeness: Adyen promotes straightforward communication without resorting to rudeness, fostering an environment where honesty is valued and respected.
  • Embracing Diverse Perspectives: Actively seeking out diverse perspectives, Adyen sharpens its ideas by considering different viewpoints and experiences.
  • Charting Individual Growth Paths: Empowering individuals to reach their full potential, Adyen encourages employees to carve their own paths for personal and professional development.

Employee Benefits:

  • The Essentials: Enjoy a harmonious work-life balance with essential benefits such as comprehensive health insurance, commute allowances, daily office lunches, and mandated benefits as per local regulations.
  • Adyen+: Receive a significant monthly financial contribution through Adyen+, empowering you to invest in your individual needs. Use it for childcare, language courses, or setting up your ideal work-from-home environment.
  • Flexible Working Setups: Embrace flexibility in your work arrangements to accommodate life’s big events. Take advantage of hybrid work options, including opportunities to work from home or abroad, and participate in our Global Exchange Program for unique experiences.
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Company Industry Type:

Financial Services

Founded Year:


Company Size:

1001-5000 employees