About Collaborative Robotics

At Co.bot, innovation meets conversational AI to revolutionize customer engagement. This company specializes in developing chatbot solutions that enhance customer interactions across various industries. With a focus on creating personalized and efficient conversational experiences, Co.bot empowers businesses to automate customer support, streamline sales processes, and improve user engagement.

Through their cutting-edge chatbot technology, Co.bot enables companies to provide round-the-clock assistance to customers, answer queries instantly, and guide users through complex tasks with ease. Their platform supports multiple channels, including websites, messaging apps, and social media platforms, ensuring seamless integration into existing communication channels.

One of the key features of Co.bot is its adaptability and scalability, allowing businesses to customize chatbots to suit their specific needs and scale operations as they grow. Moreover, Co.bot offers analytics and insights tools to track performance metrics, gather customer feedback, and continuously optimize chatbot interactions for better outcomes.

AI Research Scientist

at Collaborative Robotics


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Collaborative Robotics

Company Industry Type:

Automation Machinery Manufacturing

Founded Year:


Company Size:

11-50 employees


United States