About Executive Presence

Executive Presence is an executive communications consulting company. We provide strategy, content creation, implementation, and analytics services for executives at high-growth companies.

Our approach helps top-tier executives boost their visibility, activate their network, and position themselves as thought leaders via our premium, fully-managed LinkedIn service.

Our services include:
> Personalized strategy
> Content creation
> Data analysis & optimization

Our unique process involves ex-McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and Accenture consultants who work with our clients to develop their strategy, efficiently create high-performing content, and use data to iterate and improve their content strategy.

We have worked with 150+ CEOs and leaders to help them use LinkedIn to:
> Build a brand
> Fundraise
> Hire & retain key talent
> Acquire customers
> Build partnerships

Most executives don’t realize four critical things about LinkedIn:

#1: Individuals over companies
On social media, people interact with other people, not faceless corporations.

The most effective way to build a company’s brand is through the personal profiles of its key leaders.

A post from an Executive leverages their existing network of other business leaders, and more efficiently builds trust.

#2: Educate, don’t sell
If an Executive only posts about their company, they will lose engagement.

80% of the content we produce is designed to educate, not sell.

By consistently adding value through Subject Matter Expertise content, an Executive grows their audience to create greater reach for their rare company-centric posts.

#3: Post original content
Social networks reward original content.

Articles drive content away from a social network and receive an algorithmic penalty.

Reposts receive a fraction of the views of original content.

Thought leadership is built through original, value-added content.

#4: Post 2 to 5 times per week
To grow an audience and be top-of-mind with your network.

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