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Founded in early 2020, in a pandemic and 100% remote work context, InnoTech is a company totally focused on re-imagining technology inside and outside the Portuguese borders.

Ranked on LinkedIn Top Startups 2022 in #5 place and recognized as a Great Place to Work, InnoTech offers Consulting Services – Time & Means, High Performance Squads, Turnkey Project and Software as a Service.

InnoTech also has a partner network that includes other specialists in the Information Technology sector, through which it can reach market niches and have a more complete offer for its clients.

The Cybersecurity and CrowdTesting services are among the most successful cases that have resulted from the continuous investment in new services, always seeking speed, flexibility and quality in delivery.

Living the values of Integrity, Wellness, Happiness, Sustainability & Responsibility, its team’s experience and expertise allow InnoTech to embrace every challenge – with a lot of passion and no missteps.

Here’s a refined version of your statement:

“At InnoTech, we stand firm on several guiding principles:

Cutting-Edge Solutions: Our commitment lies in delivering top-tier IT solutions tailored to propel our clients’ businesses forward. We view our service as a partnership, where your success is inherently tied to ours.

Dynamic Adaptability: Each day presents our team with diverse challenges in varying work settings, fostering adaptability, enthusiasm, and agility among us.

Continuous Pursuit of Excellence: We firmly believe that excellence is born from experience. Hence, we relentlessly seek out new projects and challenges, ensuring we remain your trusted ‘go-to’ choice.

Empowering Growth: We provide our team with unparalleled global challenges and genuine opportunities for career advancement across diverse environments. We understand that an engaged team yields superior results, thus fostering both IT and interpersonal connections.

Embracing Uniqueness: At InnoTech, we embrace boldness, ambition, and visionary thinking. We strive to deliver unparalleled value, while also fostering a culture of continuous learning and skill enhancement.

Commitment to Sustainability: Sustainability isn’t merely a buzzword for us—it’s a cornerstone of our ethos. We uphold this commitment through environmentally responsible practices, unwavering client integrity, and prioritizing the well-being of our employees.

At InnoTech, these principles serve as our compass, guiding us towards innovation, excellence, and lasting impact.”


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IT Services and IT Consulting

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51-200 employees