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Uplers is dedicated to empowering Indian remote professionals by offering them exceptional global remote opportunities.

We are the matchmakers of the professional world. So, whether you’re a company looking for the right talent or a talent looking for the right company, we got you covered!

Absolutely, here’s a rewritten version:

Our values are the essence of our way of life!

We uphold our commitments, safeguard data, and always speak the truth.

We demonstrate courtesy, maintain boundaries, and relentlessly pursue excellence.

We prioritize honesty and accountability, ensuring reliability through verification.

We actively listen, value diverse perspectives, and offer support without assumptions.

We communicate honestly, avoiding disrespect or oversharing.

Taking Initiative:
We proactively drive progress while empowering our team.

Growth Mindset:
We embrace change, pursue excellence, and continuously seek learning opportunities.

We solve problems while maintaining healthy boundaries.

Data Respect:
We harness data for valuable insights through careful analysis.


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💰₹540000 - ₹600000/Yearly

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Company Industry Type:

Technology, Information and Internet

Company Size:

1001-5000 employees