AI Architect

Job Description:

Operationalizing AI, mapping requirements to implementation, selecting the appropriate technologies, and evaluating non-functional attributes such as security, usability, and stability.

What Will You Do:

AI Architect closes this data-to-insight-to-action loop, which requires deep understanding of the applications and integration infrastructure environment. Setting up AI/ML processing environments in IT landscape is a must.

Detailing mapping IT and security process to AI process. Influencing and working with business partners to establish and accelerate AI adoption.Audit AI solutions for architecture, scalability and security; especially in an enterprise landscape with cloud as apriority.

Mapping requirements to implementation – Analysing, coordinating, prioritizing and optimizing requirements. Ensuring implementation even with constraints.

Selecting technology – selecting appropriate technologies from the many open source, commercial on-premises,and cloud-based offerings available. Integrating a new generation of tools within the existing environment is alsoto help ensure access to accurate and current data. Because technology in this domain is evolving rapidly,

Ensures that components can be replaced with well-suited alternatives that do not require any adjustment or downtime.

Foresight when selecting new technologies like Functional and non functional requirements – considering aspects like security, usability and stability

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