AI Solutions Architect

As an AI Solutions Architect at our organization, your primary mandate will be to engineer bespoke AI solutions that resonate with the unique business objectives of various entities within our conglomerate. Your blend of technical prowess and business insight will be pivotal in navigating a myriad of AI technologies, including LLM solutions from multiple providers, traditional Machine Learning, and others, to architect solutions that are tailored to deliver tangible business value. Engaging closely with diverse teams and stakeholders, you will transcend the traditional boundaries of technology and business, fostering a culture of innovation and sustainable growth.

Here is a little window into our company: Aspire Software, the operational arm of Valsoft Corp, operates and manages Valsoft’s global portfolio of wholly owned software companies, providing mission-critical solutions across multiple verticals. By implementing industry best practices, Aspire delivers a time-sensitive integration process, and the operation of a decentralized model has allowed it to become a hub for creating rapid growth by reinvesting in its portfolio.

The successful candidate will be based in the United Kingdom (or in any other European country), working remotely.

What your day will look like:

  • Delve intimately with various business units within our organization, serving as their technical beacon in conceptualizing and crafting tailored AI solutions.
  • Proactively impart guidance to our internal teams, enabling them to expedite the realization of business value from their AI-driven initiatives.
  • Unleash the power of experimentation and prototyping, unlocking new vistas of possibilities in AI solutions tailored to business needs.
  • Cultivate and sustain relationships with internal stakeholders, ensuring the triumphant deployment and scalability of AI solutions.
  • Contribute to our repository of best practices, helping to build a robust community of practice around AI solutions architecture.
  • Propel the scalability of the Solutions Architect function by disseminating knowledge, standardizing best practices, and contributing to our internal knowledge repositories.
  • Channel high-value feedback from internal teams to our Product and Research units, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and alignment with evolving business needs.
  • Wield your expertise in Python and JavaScript to drive technical solutions and enhance the utility and adaptability of AI technologies.

About You:

  • A substantial tenure of 5+ years in technical consulting, solutions architecture, or a related domain.
  • Proficiency in Python and JavaScript, coupled with tangible experience in architecting and/or delivering AI-driven solutions.
  • A proven track record of steering complex technical projects and programs with an eclectic mix of stakeholders.
  • The aptitude to identify opportunities proactively for maximizing business value through the astute application of AI technologies.
  • An inherent sense of ownership, willing to traverse the learning curve to ensure the triumph of both your team and our internal clients.
  • Humility paired with a keen desire to assist others with empathy.
  • Exceptional multi-tasking abilities, adept at navigating through dynamic environments with a pragmatic approach to prioritization.


  • Experience in working with multiple AI vendors and integrating various AI technologies to craft holistic solutions.
  • Demonstrated ability to thrive in ambiguous scenarios, exhibiting a high degree of adaptability and problem-solving acumen.


  • A ceaseless quest for learning and innovation
  • Embracing a collaborative ethos to drive collective success
  • Upholding integrity and transparency in every interaction

Am I right for this position?

We are on the lookout for individuals who are ignited by challenges and possess a relentless drive to learn and grow. While technical proficiency is valued, your attitude, and an unwavering commitment to collaborative success are the traits that would blend well with our organizational culture.

Why is this job important?

Your role is fundamental in bridging the chasm between cutting-edge AI technology and real-world business solutions. By crafting tailored AI solutions for various entities within our organization, you are not only driving business success but also contributing to the broader vision of infusing AI in everyday operations to foster innovation and sustainable growth.

What will I learn in this position?

This position offers a rich landscape for learning and growth. You will be exposed to cutting-edge AI technology, intricate business use cases, and a diverse spectrum of industries that our conglomerate encompasses. The experience of collaborating with different stakeholders, both internal and external, will refine your communication, project management, and technical skills. The journey will equip you with a holistic understanding of how AI can be harnessed to drive business innovation and value.

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