Founding AI/ML Engineer

Snow Leopard is on a mission to empower AI developers to build production-ready apps that solve real-world problems. We aim to unlock the immense potential of AI by helping teams use live business data in real-time and on-demand, no matter where it lives.

If you’re passionate about the intersection of AI and data, and looking for a place where your work will have direct impact in shaping the industry, we’d love to meet you.

About the Role:

We are looking for a founding AI engineer (architect) who has experienced the challenges of combining live data with LLMs first-hand. We love building technology that empowers developers to do their best work, and want to work with someone who not only enjoys working on challenging problems, but also has a passion for building products that are useful to people and help solve real-world problems – Someone who wants to define the way AI-powered apps are built. Someone who is excited to shape the AI industry over the next decade+, because that is what we are out to do and we’ll settle for nothing less.


As Snow Leopard’s founding AI engineer, you will be responsible for architecting and building the LLM-powered systems that provide the magic of Snow Leopard for production data workflows of AI apps. You will play a critical role in defining the technical design of the Snow Leopard platform to realize its value to users. It is an exciting opportunity to build not just a product and platform, but the future of applied AI.

Who we’re looking for:

  • 3+ years of experience building applications with LLMs and ML models
  • Proficiency with the AI stack and tools (Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow, etc.)
  • Has directly deployed/run/maintained machine learning models
  • Has an opinion on how to best work with LLMs, tradeoff between fine tuning and RAG, etc.
  • Experience with building systems and infrastructure would be ideal

— Deployed systems that interact with data sources and LLMs

— Worked with databases, writing and understanding schemas and SQL

Someone excited to not just work in AI, but help shape how businesses build useful AI-powered apps with their data in a simple, clean way.

What we offer:

  • The opportunity to be a founding team member where your work will help define not just the product and technical innovation, but the future of the data+AI stack and the applied AI industry
  • Compensation: annual salary + early-stage equity
  • Benefits: Healthcare (medical/vision/dental), 401K matching, unlimited PTO and sick leave

💰$160,000 - $200,000/Yearly

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