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As the leader in Indoor Journey Analytics, Kontakt.io optimizes processes and resources by revealing how customers move through the business. Using AI, IoT, and RTLS, Kontakt.io helps businesses uncover waste, streamline capacity, improve workflows, and help customers and staff feel seen and valued. Solving more than 20 use cases across healthcare, workspace, and other industries, we deliver a single platform that builds responsive businesses to anticipate and adapt to evolving operational and human needs.

With a mission to transform the healthcare industry, we at Kontakt.io are thrilled to present an exceptional opportunity for a Full Stack Engineer to join our dynamic team.

We’re looking for someone with a strong sense of ownership who has broad experience working across back and front-end web-based solutions to deliver solutions that delight and earn trust with the user while being performant, reliable, and scalable on the backend.

In this role, you will collaborate closely with a cross-functional team of product managers, data scientists, back and front-end engineers to design and build new products that healthcare providers will use to improve patient outcomes and optimize healthcare processes.

As part of a new product team your mission will be to design adaptive solutions that can be used as iterative learning opportunities and as foundational components to a production solution.

Desired Skills

  • 3+ years of technical leadership as a lead engineer of a team of 2+ engineers
  • 5+ years designing and developing distributed systems in a language such as Go, Rust, Python, or NodeJS
  • 5+ years designing and developing web UIs using Typescript, CSS, ReactJS/VueJS frameworks

πŸ’°$140000 - $200000/Yearly

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