Generative AI Specialist

This role will involve both development and product management responsibilities, supporting our Generative AI strategy, and would be a great fit for somebody who loves to empathise with our users to build exciting products that meet our unique requirements across the business.

During your first 12 months you will:

  • Work alongside the Head of Machine Learning and stakeholders across the business to understand their requirements and prioritise their needs.
  • Develop end-to-end AI solutions that solve real problems.
  • Help to shape and develop Motorway’s Generative AI strategy.
  • Work across the organisation to run workshops and help upskill colleagues.


  • Demonstrable experience developing Generative AI solutions that add real value.
  • Self-sufficient ability to translate business needs into technical requirements and solution architecture.
  • Strong expertise with prompt engineering and advanced LLM (large language models) concepts such as chain-of-thought-reasoning, prompt chaining, RAG, custom-built agents, and when to apply each.
  • Expertise building and consuming API services in Python, using FastAPI or similar.
  • Experience with LLM frameworks such as langchain, autochain, haystack, griptape, llamaindex, openllm, copilotkit, OpenAI’s Assistants API etc (it’s not required to know them all).
  • Proven experience with Cloud technologies on GCP or AWS (GCP preferred).
  • Expertise with SOTA LLMs such as Gemini, PaLM, GPT-4, PaLM, Mistral, Llama 2, Claude 2 etc. Experience with Google’s LLMs are preferred.
  • Experience evaluating performance of LLMs for different use cases.
  • Proven experience architecting performant microservices with serverless architecture.
  • Experience with embedding models and vector databases such as Pinecone.
  • Proven ability in stakeholder management and project leadership.
  • A collaborative spirit, a thirst for solving difficult problems, and a passion for adding business value with cutting-edge technology.


  • A competitive salary
  • Annual learning budget – with your learning budget, you can pay for learning experiences to support your progression.
  • BUPA health insurance
  • Discounted dental through BUPA
  • Discounted gym membership through BUPA
  • OnHand volunteering membership and one paid volunteering day per year
  • Hybrid working from home (approximately 1-2 days in the office a week)
  • Pension scheme
  • Motorway car leasing scheme – lease a zero-emissions electric vehicle at a significant discount
  • Enhanced parental leave – We offer enhanced maternity pay (26 weeks of full pay) and enhanced paternity pay (4 weeks of full pay) to eligible employees.
  • Workplace nursery scheme
  • Top spec MacBook Pro and peripherals
  • Regular social events
  • Cycle to work scheme

Equal opportunities statement:

We are committed to equality of opportunity for all employees. We work to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where people can maximise their full potential. We believe our workforce should reflect a variety of backgrounds, talents, perspectives and experiences. Our strong commitment to a culture of inclusion is evident through our constant focus on recruiting, developing and advancing individuals based on their skills and talents.

We welcome applications from all individuals regardless of age, disability, sex, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief and marriage and civil partnerships.

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