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Lingoda is a fast-growing online language school for language learners aspiring to provide a human-centric, personalised and seamless learning experience unmatched by competitors. With Lingoda, you’re not just learning – you’re teaming up with an expert who understands your goals and guides you to success, every step of the way.

Our classes are teacher-led, and supported in- and out-of-class by the latest technologies and a unique curriculum to empower our students to achieve their language goals. High-quality classes are available online 24/7, so anyone anywhere has the opportunity to learn a language with Lingoda.

As a company we bring out the best in people with a positive culture. We challenge ourselves, and we challenge others. We work smart and make it happen. We believe in personal growth and inclusion.

We work hard to contribute to a better society. How? Here are three examples:

  • Lingoda’s MATCH network and Global Career Centre seek to upskill and match migrants to career opportunities in Germany, supporting them through government-funded education programs
  • In the German healthcare sector, we support international nurses, doctors and midwives to obtain language and professional recognition through state-sponsored education programs. As a result we have become one of the largest educational providers in this field in Germany
  • In December 2022 at the Digital Education Awards, we won “Best Digital Learning Product of the Year” and in 2024, Lingoda was included in The Time’s list of the 100 best EdTech companies

AI will help scale and enhance our human centered teaching approach for our Teachers and Students. It is fundamental in the achievement of the Lingoda product vision. We are seeking a talented and experienced Prompt Engineer (all genders) to join as a founding member of our AI team. You will support our ambition to create a continuous learning experience (inside and outside of the classroom) and the best learning experience in the world.

Your mission with us:

As a Prompt Engineer at Lingoda you will have a strong background in implementing AI solutions using Large Language Models (LLMs) and will be an expert in prompt engineering.

You will be responsible for developing AI solutions to support our teachers and students. You will be working with a variety of LLM’s and other AI Services, generating high-quality prompts and continuously improving them. Collaborating and integrating very closely with our Marketing, Product, Engineering and Learning Teams (curriculum, student & teacher), you will prototype and develop AI solutions that can be integrated into our Lingoda platform to inform and accelerate Lingoda’s Product Vision.

You will be well connected with the rapidly growing and changing AI landscape, up to speed with the latest developments and research, ready to keep Linogda on the cutting edge of this space.

Your tasks:

Developing and Fine-Tuning Prompts:

  • Crafting high-quality prompts to guide AI models in generating accurate and relevant responses.
  • Iteratively refining prompts based on model performance and user feedback.

Model Training and Evaluation:

  • Train and fine tune AI models where required
  • Evaluating the performance of AI models through various metrics and user testing.

Research and Experimentation:

  • Staying updated with the latest advancements in LLMs and AI field.
  • Conducting experiments to test the effectiveness of different prompt structures and techniques.

Documentation and Reporting:

  • Documenting prompt engineering methodologies, experiments, and outcomes.
  • Reporting findings and recommendations to stakeholders and team members.

User Experience Optimization:

  • Working closely with UX designers to ensure prompts align with user needs and enhance the overall user experience.
  • Analyzing user interactions to identify areas for improvement in prompt design.

Collaboration and Communication:

  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including product managers, developers, and designers, to integrate prompts into applications.
  • Communicating complex technical concepts in a clear and accessible manner to non-technical stakeholders.

Ethical Considerations:

  • Ensuring prompts are designed to minimize bias and promote fairness in AI responses.
  • Continuously monitoring and addressing ethical concerns related to AI-generated content.

Troubleshooting and Support:

  • Providing support and troubleshooting assistance for issues related to prompt performance.
  • Implementing solutions to address identified problems and improve prompt reliability.

You bring to Lingoda:

  • Demonstrable expertise and experience in prompt engineering, creating LLM based product solutions using a variety of LLM models and approaches.
  • Experience in using programming languages (e.g. python) to create a AI solutions
  • Experience using LLM API’s and integrating LLM’s solutions into applications
  • Strong understanding of NLP concepts and techniques. Experience with NLP libraries and frameworks like spaCy, NLTK, or transformers.
  • Excellent communication skills, and the ability to collaborate with many other functions and departments.
  • Very strong in balancing business requirements and technical process to deliver results and achieve success
  • Analytical mindset with strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Fluent English skills (C-level).
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field

What you can expect from Lingoda:

  • Approachable leaders and transparent communication – every voice counts at Lingoda!
  • Company events and colleagues who are always happy to socialise
  • A great team spirit and passion for languages
  • A well-structured and exciting onboarding process
  • The possibility to work remotely from your home or…
  • … in the office located in the heart of Berlin
  • Unlimited and free access to our language classes
  • The modern hardware necessary for your work
  • Flexible working hours

Does that sound exciting? Then, send us your CV right away!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Your contact person for the position is Viktoria.

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