Senior AI Developer

We are Digital Science and we are advancing the research ecosystem.

We are a pioneering technology company, and our vision is of a future where a trusted and collaborative research ecosystem drives progress for all. We believe in better, open, collaborative and inclusive research. In creating the next generation of tools and working in partnership with the community we tackle some of the biggest challenges to research. In order to achieve our vision, we need innovative, inspiring and dynamic people to join our team. Want to join us?

Your new role:

At Digital Science we believe in the importance of a continuous adaptation process through innovations driven by the early translation of outcomes from the forefront of applied research and latest technologies for the benefit of our customers.

In your new role you will be part of an agile, small team whose mission is to continuously generate and evaluate new ideas driven by the latest developments in AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing). This includes open source and our own Transformer models, Prompt Engineering for and integration with LLMs like ChatGPT or PALM/Gemini, Traditional ML and more.

You will help us to generate and translate cutting edge research and innovative ideas into prototypes for a variety of new use cases across the whole Digital Science universe. The applications and models are thereby fuelled by the vast amount of textual, structured and interlinked data from our huge Dimensions scientific search and analytics platform. These rapid-prototypes allow us to make early decisions before transmitting the ideas to the DS production teams for final integration.

Like this approach?

Then join us as our new Senior AI Developer!

With your experiences in and your honest devotion for AI, Language Models, code and algorithms/DL/ML you will be a much valued member of our agile innovations team.

What you’ll be doing:


  • Train, optimize, fine-tune and deploy Transformers or similar AI models for a variety of use cases
  • Integration with and Prompt Engineering for BigTech LLMs via the APIs of e.g. openAI ChatGPT, Google Palm/Gemini or AWS Titan/Claude
  • Develop and maintain backend services for various AI solutions and processing pipelines in NLP based on Deep Learning/Transformers or Prompt Engineering
  • Setup DL/ML pipelines on latest Google Cloud (Vertex AI) and AWS (SageMaker) infrastructure or similar


  • Actively contribute to the design and development lifecycles of the Digital Science Innovations and the AI product and technology teams
  • Plan, design and enhance AI, ML and NLP related applications and prototypes, utilities and tools
  • Active participation in innovation cycles to translate outcome of research in applied sciences in NLP and AI with rapid prototyping
  • BYOI (bring-your-own-ideas)
  • Implement and enhance processing pipelines for DL and traditional ML solutions


  • At least 2 years of experience in Python 3.x
  • Experiences with Language Models on training, fine tuning, inference
  • Experiences in Natural Language Processing or Computational Linguistics
  • Experience with at least 2 of the following technologies: SpaCy, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Hugging Face Transformers, Google Vertex AI, AWS SageMaker, Prompt Engineering
  • Experience in the following technologies would be a plus, but is not required: Git, Docker, Kubernetes, REST APIs, Rich Client Frameworks (e.g. VueJS), Google Cloud TPUs
  • Experiences with NLP related to scientific publications are an advantage
  • Experiences with Symbolic AI (ontologies, knowledge graphs) are an advantage


  • Understanding of agile approaches
  • Exceptional problem solving and analytical skills
  • Must be a self-learner, possessing inherent inquisitiveness
  • Excellent interpersonal, communications and organizational skills
  • Fluent in spoken and written English


  • Your experiences in and your passion for AI, Transformers, LLMs, code and algorithms/DL/ML is your best qualification
  • Ideal formal qualification: Master degree (or higher) in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent

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