Senior Policy Analyst / Senior Economist

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Center for AI Policy is looking for a senior policy analyst or senior economist who can educate Congress about the benefits of our proposed AI safety policies. Your primary job duties would be designing and creating substantive policy documents such as:

  • Explanations of how our model legislation would function and why it is desirable
  • Questions and testimony to be presented at Congressional committee hearings
  • Cost-benefit analyses, including analyses of what it would cost businesses to comply with our proposed legislation
  • Suggested line-item budgets for programs recommended in our model legislation
  • Memos comparing and contrasting our proposed risk management scheme to other risk management systems that are used or being considered by the federal government
  • Responses to requests for comment from the executive branch and independent agencies

Other team members may sometimes offer feedback on style or request specific documents to support a particular briefing, but this is a relatively autonomous position: you will be expected to identify, propose, and create the documents that seem most valuable to you for advancing our cause. Similarly, we may occasionally ask you to help explain your documents in person to particular Congressional staffers or to journalists, but your primary work product would be written.

Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Published policy memos or analyses that offered substantive analysis of a high-tech topic
  • A background in economics, finance, business operations, compliance, or quality control
  • At least 3 years of work experience after graduation
  • The ability to quickly write coherent and easily readable prose for a wide range of document lengths, ranging from 1 page handouts to 50 page reports
  • Prior familiarity with specific arguments for why artificial intelligence poses takeover risks, proliferation risks, and risks to essential infrastructure – we want you to be able to immediately start diving into the policy details that support our legislation, not to learn the basics of AI governance on the job.


  • Hybrid Office Schedule: We ask team members to come in person to our downtown DC office for six hours each on Mondays and Thursdays, and we try to schedule most of our internal team meetings on those days. If you don’t have a scheduled meeting, you are welcome to work from wherever you like.
  • Immediate Availability Preferred: We are looking for candidates who can start work as soon as possible, so it is unlikely that we would be able to sponsor a visa.
  • Compensation & Benefits: The annual salary range for this role is $90,000 – $130,000, depending on experience. We also provide basic health insurance, a $2,500/year stipend for conferences, 22 days paid time off, and a Capital BikeShare membership.

💰$90,000 - $130,000/Yearly

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