Senior Software Engineer – AI

Promise empowers utilities and government agencies to create flexible, affordable solutions for individuals struggling with debt. Our intuitive approach to payment plans and relief distribution leads to improved enrollment and recovery rates that significantly exceed industry standards. As a result, individuals clear their debts more quickly and incur fewer penalties, while our partners experience fewer delinquencies and increased revenue.

At Promise, we prioritize treating people facing financial difficulties with respect and dignity, offering them the necessary tools and resources to thrive. Our team’s expertise spans various sectors, with technology specialists from renowned companies like Google, Stripe, and Palantir, as well as esteemed government leaders.

We’ve successfully secured over $50 million in funding, with backing from prominent investors like 8VC, Kapor Capital, XYZ Ventures, Bronze Investments, First Round Capital, Y Combinator, The General Partnership (previously known as Sweat Equity Ventures), and Howard Schultz. We are honored to have recently been recognized as one of Fast Company’s “World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2022.”

Role Overview:

As a Senior Software Engineer at Promise, you’ll be at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into our mission of transforming the way individuals facing financial difficulty receive and interact with essential public services. Your primary responsibility will be to design and develop end-to-end generative AI and large language model (LLM) applications and services for both internal and external products. This includes creating AI pipelines for RAG, prompt tuning, and engineering, as well as benchmarking and implementing various generative AI use-cases. Your expertise in AI technologies will drive innovation, efficiency, and automation across our platform.

Join us in a dynamic, growth-oriented environment where your work will directly impact people’s lives and shape the future of government services. This is an exceptional opportunity to be a key player in leveraging AI to enhance our product offerings and drive positive social impact.

What You’ll Do:

  • Lead the design and development of AI-powered applications and services, focusing on generative AI and large language models.
  • Design and build services and integrations for AI pipelines, including fine-tuning large language models and implementing generative AI use-cases.
  • Collaborate with teams across the organization to identify opportunities for AI-driven efficiency and automation, ensuring that our software solutions address genuine user needs and real-world challenges.
  • Stay abreast of advancements in the AI landscape, serving as a subject matter expert and guiding the strategic direction of AI development and integration.
  • Contribute to the strategic planning of the AI team, defining the vision, goals, and roadmap for AI development, integration, and deployment.

What Will Enable You:

  • A minimum of 5 years of professional software development experience.
  • Passionate drive for our mission and relentless pursuit of customer success.
  • Intolerance for mediocrity and high commitment to doing everything necessary to achieve your goals.
  • High moral and ethical standards, seeking open and honest communication, and rejecting manipulation, dishonesty, and intolerance.
  • Demonstrated dedication and commitment to our customers, shareholders, employees, and local communities.
  • Experience with Python, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, and other similar languages.
  • Expertise with generative AI, large language models (such as ChatGPT, llama2), general machine learning foundations, or other closely related AI specializations.
  • Experience with GenAI tools like LangChain, Ollama, and familiarity with vector databases.
  • Experience with cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP) and utilizing their AI services
  • Proficiency in RESTful API design and development principles.

Promise is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any applicant or employee because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, genetic information, age, or military or veteran status. Additionally, the Company complies with applicable state and local laws governing non-discrimination in employment in every jurisdiction in which it operates. Promise is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We also provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities, pregnant individuals, and those with sincerely held religious beliefs, in accordance with applicable laws.

Promise engages in US government contracts and restricts hiring to US persons, which includes US citizens and permanent residents (e.g., Green Card holders). Additionally, candidates must reside in the US.

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