Student Researcher: Generative AI

Pendulum Systems is searching for a highly motivated and detail-oriented Student Researcher to join our team.

As a Student Researcher, you will have the opportunity to push the boundaries of the field in AI and in supply chains, by collaborating on building, designing and deploying cutting-edge AI agents. You will work on problems that have a direct impact on saving lives and on enabling organizations to generate ‘more with less’ – and optimize their available resources. The problems we address need a careful transformation of state-of-the-art machine learning techniques so they can be deployed to perform robustly, reliably,, and safely in the real world.

What We Will Do Together:

  • Work on unique R&D questions that bring solutions to real-world problems
  • Develop and fine-tuning LLMs for ‘agentic’ tasks in supply chain optimization
  • Work with the engineering team to help deploy research POCs into production
  • Collaborate remotely with a diverse team of world-renowned AI and optimization leaders
  • Document and publish your work at high-impact machine-learning conferences

What You Will Need:

  • To be a current Master’s or PhD student in Machine Learning or a related discipline.
  • Open-mindedness and curiosity; a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Solid communication skills and collaboration experience
  • Fierce hacker mentality & a ‘demo-or-die’ mindset
  • Proficiency in Python, especially common AI libraries, and GPU computing
  • Strong understanding of CS, ML, and Statistics
  • Problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically


  • Publication or contributions to top-tier ML venues
  • Proficiency in NLP and mathematical optimization
  • Experience with finetuning and multi-agent LLMs

About Pendulum:

Pendulum is a venture-backed AI company addressing the global need to do more with less. Pendulum AI-driven supply chain solutions forecast demand, optimize supply and geolocate – continuously improving on their own. The first major investment in AI by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was in Pendulum; today our technology works for customers across 19+ countries – driving profitable growth and saving lives.

The Pendulum team works across Europe, North America and Africa. We believe in recruiting the best talent in the world, regardless of location. This role will be remote with the freedom to choose how and when to work. Our remote team has been executing at the highest level for a decade. You will have access to your choice of hardware and a travel budget to interact with the distributed team in person. Pendulum has a rigorously horizontal culture that values diversity of every kind.

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