AI Researcher

Leonardo.Ai is an Australian tech startup. Our mission is to unleash the world’s creativity with its groundbreaking AI-powered platform. In 18 months after our software launched, we’ve quickly grown to over 13 million users worldwide.

Embark on an Exciting Journey:

We seek an AI Researcher to join our expanding, global AI team. This is an exciting opportunity for AI or Machine Learning professionals and academics to collaborate with the brightest minds and contribute to Australia’s most potent AI-powered platform.

Fuel Your Passion for Innovation:

As an AI Researcher at Leonardo.Ai, you will:

  • Pioneer Foundational AI Research: Investigate, design, and train cutting-edge foundational AI models, integrating breakthroughs into our platform to enhance user experiences.
  • Empower Digital Art Creation: Explore methods to give users greater authority and influence over their digital art creations through ethical AI advancements.
  • Own Complex Problems: Lead specific research areas, integrating new work into our pipeline and workflow.
  • Collaborate on Collective Challenges: Work with the team to tackle shared problems, ensuring research and product development are closely aligned.
  • Develop and Maintain AI Models: Explore, debug, and validate AI models, ensuring they work as intended and follow best practices from software engineering.
  • Drive Innovation: Improve data access, leverage generative AI, and develop pro-innovation approaches to AI regulation.

Skills We’re Looking For:

We’re seeking candidates with:

  • Experience in Python, deep learning frameworks, cloud computing, and software engineering.
  • Knowledge of natural language processing, computer vision, ML model training, and data pipeline creation.
  • A collaborative attitude, capable of working with cross-functional teams.
  • Curiosity and a passion for staying current with new AI tools and techniques.
  • A Ph.D. in AI, with experience in data, ML, and AI research.
  • A history of publishing research papers in NLP or CV and contributions to open-source AI code or repositories.

If you’re passionate about reading and publishing AI research papers, have a history of implementing AI models, and are keen to bring models to production, this role is a perfect fit for you.

⚑ Our Culture ⚑

At Leonardo.Ai, we are committed to building a diverse organisation and fostering a fair and inclusive work culture. We value curiosity, collaboration, and the collective growth of our team members, both professionally and personally.

πŸ‘£ Next Steps πŸ‘£

Ready to revolutionise AI research and empower creativity worldwide? Apply now and join us at Leonardo.Ai to make a significant impact! We’re rapidly expanding and seeking passionate people in various AI roles.

Don’t hesitate! Even if you don’t meet every requirement, consider applying and join our innovative journey. We encourage you to apply and start the conversation whether you’re based locally in Australia or overseas.

Why Leonardo.Ai?

Impact the Future of AI:

  • Contribute to a unique opportunity to revolutionise content creation and build a platform at the forefront of generative AI.

Hybrid and Remote Options:

  • We understand that flexibility is key. Choose a work arrangement that suits your lifestyle and allows you to do your best work. Our hybrid team members gather in the office an average of 1-2 times per week, and we cater lunch on Fridays.

Sydney Headquarters:

  • Our stunning office overlooking Neutral Bay is a collaborative space where teams gather to ideate, innovate, and build lasting relationships.

Diversity and Inclusion:

  • We recognise the importance of having a diverse team. We purposefully seek people from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to join our team. We believe in creating an inclusive environment where every voice we hear contributes to our success.

Typical Interview Process:

While we love technology, rest assured that our interview process is all human. A recruitment team member will review your application, and we’ll contact you either way to let you know the outcome. Here’s what you can expect.

Round 1 – Meet Your Recruiter:

  • Our recruitment team will reach out and arrange a 30-minute video call. The themes you’ll cover in this conversation include your experience, skills, and career motivations. It will also give you essential context about the role, the team, and how you can contribute towards Leonardo.Ai’s short, medium and long-term goals.

Round 2 – Craft Interview:

  • You’ll meet some team members to discuss the technical task in more depth, work through some technical questions related to your expertise and cover past projects, experience and career aspirations.

Round 3 – Technical Task:

  • If you’re applying for a technical role, you may be given a short, take-home task to assess your skills and approach to problem-solving. This could be a real-life business scenario to unpack, a presentation, a test or a collaboration exercise. (Please note, depending on the role, the order of rounds 2 & 3 are interchangeable)

Round 4 – Values interview:

  • You’ll be able to meet with the Department Head for a short, informal conversation to understand your potential impact, the growth area we can support, and how aligned you are with our values and culture.

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