Prompt Engineer

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To support the needs of our clients, Avanade is actively recruiting and interviewing for the role outlined below as we continue to build on another year of growth in our business. Now, with more than 60,000 employees around the globe, we are positioning our organization to effectively prepare for the future. What does this mean for you? We encourage you to apply and interview for this role without the need to decide now. This allows you to connect with leaders and hiring managers at a pace that works for you and when roles become available, you will be the first to know.

Come join us

We are looking for Junior Prompt Engineers with knowledge of Gen AI prompting and RAI framework. You will be part of team to develop analytics solutions for clients of Data & AI.

Together We Do What Matters.

Skills and experiences

  • Knowledge of Gen AI Prompting – Implementing prompt guardrails, prompting techniques like Chain of thought, self-ask chains.
  • Understanding of Python, API and LLMs
  • Familiarity with Vector embeddings, model and prompt fine tuning techniques.
  • Knows how to implement prompt shields, prompt templates.
  • Knowledge of RAI framework and understand RAG patterns.

About You

Characteristics that can spell success for this role

  • Analytical, curious, agile
  • Team player and good communicator
  • Problem-solver, patient, quality-driven
  • Self-motivating
  • Innovative mindset

What You’ll Do

  • Be part of Gen AI programs
  • Understand prompting patterns and testing tools for prompt engineering
  • Develop inputs and optimize prompts to produce desired results
  • Work closely with Gen Ai Developers and LLMops to improve accuracy of outputs

Learn more

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Enjoy your career

Some of the best things about working at Avanade

  • Opportunity to work for Microsoft’s Global Alliance Partner of the Year (14 years in a row), with exceptional development and training (minimum 80 hours per year for training and paid certifications)
  • Real-time access to technical and skilled resources globally
  • Collaborate with some of the brightest “Microsoft minds”
  • Build your expertise, solve problems, learn, and develop

A great place to work

As you bring your skills and abilities to Avanade, you’ll get distinctive experiences, limitless learning, and ambitious growth in return. As we continue to build our diverse and inclusive culture, we become even more innovative and creative, helping us better serve our clients and our communities. You’ll join a community of smart, supportive collaborators to lift, mentor, and guide you, and lean on your expertise. You get a company purpose-built for business-critical, leading-edge technology solutions, committed to improving the way humans work, interact, and live. It’s all here, so take a closer look!

We work hard to provide an inclusive, diverse culture with a deep sense of belonging for all our employees. Visit our Inclusion & Diversity page.

Create a future for our people that focuses on

  • Expanding your thinking
  • Experimenting courageously
  • Learning and pivoting Inspire greatness in our people by
  • Empowering every voice
  • Encouraging boldness
  • Celebrating progress Accelerate the impact of our people by
  • Amazing the client
  • Prioritizing what matters
  • Acting as one

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