AI Consultant

Back in 2019, some of the biggest companies in the Netherlands got together to talk about the future of Dutch AI. Companies like NS, Ahold and ING. All convinced AI has the potential to make life better for everyone, and aware of the extra push needed to really take off. Since then Kickstart AI has grown into an independent not-for-profit organization, developing bold initiatives to empower the Dutch AI ecosystem in effectively and responsibly using AI. We’re hiring an AI Consultant, who’ll be at the forefront of crafting a bold new approach to AI consultancy—one that’s squarely focused on turning smart tech into impactful real-world applications.

Join us in changing AI consultancy:

In this role you’re helping us redefine what AI consultancy can be. You join a team of experts and use your broad experience in AI to make a tangible difference by working on handpicked projects that not only push the edge of tech innovation but also deliver real, positive outcomes. For everyone. Together with team mates like Sophia, Kim and Evert-Jan you’ll be part of interdisciplinary and find solutions for big AI topics. Classic consultance often primarily focus on solutions without much room for creativity or outside input. You simply get in, do the job, and get out. Our approach is different. We handpick special projects and include experts from our AI community, to create snowball effects and maximise impact.

Some of the projects you’ll work on:

  • Spearhead our collaboration with KLM, cutting down food waste by 65% and saving around 100,000 kilograms of food annually. This project is a testament to using AI for smarter procurement and enhancing sustainability.
  • Refine’s delivery process, focusing on making the last mile as efficient as possible. By deploying AI, your goal will be to eradicate logistical inefficiencies, ensuring faster, more streamlined delivery services.
  • Delve into the pioneering intersection of AI and social data to optimize realtime monitoring. This involves sifting through complex social datasets to build intuitive technology that is beneficial for human monitoring.

What you need to succeed:

You are an expert in a variety of AI applications and as excited about responsible AI as we are. With a strong commitment to building AI solutions that are not only powerful but also ethical and socially responsible, your expertise is complemented by exceptional communication skills. Your ability to articulate complex concepts and the value of AI projects to a non-technical audience is as crucial as your deep understanding of data and predictive modeling techniques. Your track record also shows:

  • At least 5 years of experience as an AI Specialist or AI Consultant.
  • A degree in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, or a any other related field.
  • You already work and live in The Netherlands – we don’t offer relocation at this time.

Why sign on?

  • Because of the recognition: we dream big, and when those dreams come true, everyone will know.
  • Because you will work with the best & brightest talent at industry-leading companies like Ahold, ING, KLM and NS.
  • Because we will pay you up to 5.500 euros per month and throw in a 15% premium.
  • Because corporate-funded environments that give back to the community are few and far between.
  • Because this is a ‘boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before’ role: what we do is truly unique 🧡

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