AI Solutions Specialist

RNL is an industry leader providing consulting, technology, and management to the fundraising and enrollment needs of colleges and universities. We are adding an AI Solutions Specialist, a role integral to the deployment and operational success of AI solutions including Digital Assistant, AI Insights Hub, and Knowledge Retriever. The AI Solutions Specialist will ensure the effective implementation and function of these technologies in higher education institutions.


  • Lead the integration of RNL AI solutions within client infrastructures post-sale
  • Work with clients to ensure a seamless and effective adoption of AI technologies
  • Manage projects, coordinate the contributions of internal teams, and deliver on client commitments
  • Provide expert technical setup, best practices, and tailored training to maximize client benefit from AI solutions
  • Keep abreast of and leverage conversational AI technology trends, including prompt engineering and platforms such as Rasa, Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, and IBM Watson
  • Oversee client relationship management during the implementation phase, solving technical issues and promoting satisfaction
  • Help to evolve product certification programs and influence internal policy
  • Handle assigned cases in Salesforce with a commitment to meet or exceed customer service level agreements



  • Bachelor’s in Data Science or Business Analytics, Masters is preferred
  • 1+ years of related experience in AI solution implementation in technology or consulting sectors
  • knowledge of conversational AI technologies and prompt engineering
  • with CRM systems such as Salesforce
  • in Microsoft Office Suite
  • proven track record of consulting with clients to tailor technology solutions to their strategic objectives
  • project management skills, with experience in creating costing proposals, conducting risk analysis, and overseeing change control
  • written and verbal communication skills
  • to lead training sessions or public speaking engagements
  • analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and a commitment to customer service
  • requirement 15%
  • to maintain and work in a remote home office. Remote/virtual work environment must be free from distractions while performing the essential functions of the job and have a reliable network connection

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